My 7's

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

7 things that make me happy

1) the hug of a child
2) unexpected phone calls
3) KRAFT mac & cheese
4) warm rain storms in the evening
5) a good book
6) being woken up by that special someone in that SPECIAL way ; }
7) my pup

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


7 things I “cook” best

1) chocolate chip cookies
2) pasta sauce
3) one pot meals
4) thanksgiving – the ENTIRE MEAL…. For 12
5) jello
6) pizza – 555-1234: “hi, i’d like to order……”
7) reservations – “hello, i’d like to make a reservation for. ….”

Saturday, July 22, 2006

the 7 worst lines ever said to me by a guy

1) your eyes are so dark, your head must be full of shit.

he was a 19, i was 14, i was a virgin – and no, it didn’t work

2) you’re not the kind of girl guys want to date, but the kind they want to marry

the first who said this proceeded to realize he was gay – talk about messing with a girls head

the second guy who said this, was engaged to his next girlfriend 6 months later & married 6 after that

3) i love you like i love my sister

kiss of death…. or very very sick – he is really close to his sister…

4) you are the type of girl to take home to mom & dad – just not my mom and dad…

i happened to be holding a large knife (i was chopping veggi’s in the kitchen when this was said) and i turned w/ said knife in hand (and NO - i didn’t point it at him, it was pointing up towards the ceiling) and asked “what the hell is that supposed to mean?”

he replied “my mom is a devout italian catholic woman – she would disown me if i married a jew even though I love you.”

i still don’t know how i had the ability to slowly and silently place the knife down, turn and walk past him, pack up every item i had there and walk out without performing any form of bodily harm to him, breaking or throwing anything, or slamming the door behind me.

it may be the quietest exit i have ever made in my entire life.

5) we could make beautiful babies….

to which i replied as i looked down and saw the indent on his ring finger from his just removed wedding band: “it would be a shame though, since they would be more beautiful than the one’s you and your wife surely already have.”

6) you know how much i love you… i do with all my heart – it’s just, that… well, i’m not IN love with you…

now, there was a bit of GOOD news on this one – i knew i wasn’t IN love w/ him either, but still…..

and after almost 3 years w/ the one i thought WAS mr. right… he informed me he was going to be moving across the country in 2 weeks:

7) you are gonna’ find a guy who deserves you – i don’t

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

7 things I learned from my dad

1) never date a man with 2 first names
2) know how to drive a stick shift
3) know how to make one good breakfast, lunch, and dinner
4) how to smoke a cigar
5) how to drink after dinner aperitifs
6) how to throw a left hook
7) to attempt to never compare a man to him


1. Become a wife.
2. Become a mother.
3. Embrace my own sense of self.
4. Travel to my ancestors homelands.
5. Meet one famous person who has done something positive for this world.
6. Spoil my hopefully future grandchildren.
7. Tell my hopefully future husband "I love you" on our 50th anniversary

7 THINGS I CAN'T DO (yet?)

1. Fly a plane
2. Make money from my photography
3. Be debt free (got to love grad school loans)
4. Love 100% of myself 100% of the time
5. Give up comfort foods
6. Like Jeagermeister
7. Find a guy worth fighting for - I KNOW he is out there


All of these books brought me from childhood to who I am now. They are STILL great reads, even tattered and yellowed with age.

1. Little Women
2. Eight Cousins
3. Pollyanna
4. All of A Kind Family (all 3 books)
5. A Little Princess
6. Nancy Drew (the originals - they were my mom's & they are in hard cover)
7. Jo's Boys

EMERGENCY BONUS UPDATE!!! - a fellow blogger reminded me about another series that I LOVE so this one gets a bonus 8th listing:

8. The entire Anne of Green Gables series